Should you set up a Spa or Gym?
Ever thought about setting up a business in Luxury or day spas, salons or fitness centers? Yet not sure how to go about it? Wonder how much would it cost? Can a small or only big budget be suffice? Would it be profitable? Will it become a hit with the environment and people? Therefore, our reports are available for worldwide locations and we can help you find out all of this valuable information before investing your budget through our feasibility reporting.
The data we gather is essential to determine revenue potential and to realistically calculate the ROI to assure the spa, studio, salon or fitness center is operationally sound and it will meet the expectations of the target market. Realistically, it will determine whether the project is feasible and under current conditions.
Part A: Market Research
• Business trends
• Competitive
• Supply and demand
• Guest Mix
• Market Opportunity
• Size, capacity, profile, facilities
• Membership opportunities
• Optimal location for the business
• Analyze cost and ROI and break-even point
Part B: Financial Model
  • Assumptions
  • Start-up costs and financing
  • Financial Highlight
  • Client Data
  • Revenue
  • Expenses Sheet
  • Operational Expenses
  • Depreciation / Amort Schedule
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
Part C: Business Plan
• Objectives
• Strategies
• Challenges
• Milestones
• Pricing
• Services
• Executive Summary
• Financial Highlights
• Company Overview