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Wellness & Spa Solutions – Our Exclusive Luxury Italian Facility Partners

Wellness & Spa Solutions is a company of which the staff boasts years of experience in the construction of Italian Design SPAs, swimming pools and beauty farms, as well as equipment in resorts and hotels. 


Italian Expertise by Wellness Spa Solutions  


  • Zoning 
  • Drawings
  • Technical and engineering.
  • Deep knowledge and expertise regarding every single detail during designing and constructing a SPA is something that generic engineers do not have.
  • This is the reason why the architecture / engineering and hotel companies ask often for a specialist consultancy regarding technical and engineering details of Spa, Salon and Health Club projects.
  • Basing on the maps, the drawings and the client layouts the direction of the works is carried out.


  • Design, location and features of the technical rooms
  • Study on Kilowatt needed by the whole SPA
  • Study on the distances between technical rooms and pool
  • Temperature requirements of the whole SPA
  • Water temperature requirements of the pools
  • Electric usages