• Our company is ready to deliver everything to get your spa open and completely operational.
  • Approximately 12 to 18 months before the soft opening, depending on the size of the project, we will begin to execute the following pre-opening services for the project.
  • We suggest that our pre-opening & management begin no less than 8 months – 1 Year prior to the booked opening date.
  • Pre-opening, the operational team will work very closely with the owning company to manage the critical path, provide executive recruitment services, and establish basic operational principles, including but not limited to job descriptions (JDs), Standard Operating Principles (SOPs) and concepts.
  • In addition, the foundation for the pre-opening and management operating departments such as finance, sales & marketing, human resources, engineering, operations and food and beverage will be established.
  • Planning of point by point basic course of events tactile
  • Spa marking improvement
  • Spa treatment and administrations programming
  • Signature menu of administrations
  • Item determinations and improvement
  • Spa offices, hardware and supply determination
  • Spa financials and revealing
  • Staffing and association
  • Spa benefit norms and preparing
  • Promoting and advertising
  • Data innovation (IT) Software
  • Spa initiative observing and improving
  • Timeline
  • Spa treatment
  • Services
  • Signature menu of services
  • Product selections and development
  • Spa facilities & equipment
  • Mystery shopping programs
  • Employee Training
  • Pre-Opening Task Force Support