How do you create a spa, that originates, inspires and draws in an audience
to something new when there are so many competitors out there.
We help you create the most original concepts to help you achieve success.
  • Theme Development
  • Creation and Innovation
  • Strategic Concept
  • Signature treatments
  • Spa Vision and Culture 
  • Spa Philosophy
Authenticity and a Powerful Concept
The core philosophy, is it original? Does it give personality. Will it provide that special experience to your clients. It is identifiable and easy to share. Sometimes names can be too difficult to pronounce or explain or the concept just gets lost in translation, some from foreign cultures are hard to pronounce despite their effort.
What would make it special and stand out. Location, demographic, type of peoples needs. What would be complimentary? welcome drinks at juice bars, example infused tea that has been grown in house, that is also beneficial to your facility clients that aids in detoxification, energy or metabolism.
Implementing Trends
In the spa industry there is always something new, especially with the wellness, leisure, Spa Cuisine, and medical industries getting tied in. It is so important to know the lasting trends that outgrow fads and will bring in profit. How you implement trends from the industry that last, is as important as merging it with the trend you business base.